The Chalice Symphony was a collaboration between Stella Artois, Mother NY and musical craftsman Andy Cavatorta. The premise is simple: Show that the Chalice not only looks beautiful but sounds beautiful.  I oversaw the fabrication of the four instruments as well as the making of a short documentary about the journey and creative process of Andy Cavatorta.

The towering Pyrophone is an imposing glass pipe organ that uses flames to create a rich, unique sound, like a warm ocean of whale-like baritone voices. The Hive is a tall crystalline matrix of glass and steel bells, producing precise, delicate notes and quick patterns. The Star Harp is a tall, cylindrical harp orbited by five mechanical arms which playfully dance around it in elegant patterns. The Violina is a mesmerizing collection of rotating wheels within wheels, with a shimmery voice of bowed glass.

Andy Cavatorta is a sculptor who works with sound and machines. He found his way into sound sculpture after a life as a musician in the early NYC punk rock scene and later as a robotic engineer. He earned a Master's Degree from the MIT Media Lab by using robotic technologies to create new types of musical sound.

Afterward, he collaborated with Björk for a year, creating music by harnessing forces of nature with new technologies. This culminated in the Gravity Harps used on her Biophilia album and on the tour. He has exhibited at various galleries in Europe, won the 2013 Lincoln prize, and exhibited at TED.

Recognition: Esquire/Creativity/Digiday/Cannes Lions | Design Short List
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